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Best ways to share your blog posts in 2023
September 13, 2023

Best ways to share your blog posts in 2023

Why Do You Need Traffic for Your Blog?

Traffic is a vital ingredient for your blog . Think of it like a big, friendly audience for your lemonade stand 😅  . Without people coming to your stand, your tasty lemonade will sit there, waiting for someone to enjoy it. In the same way, your blog needs visitors to read what you’ve written. Imagine you have a treasure chest full of stories, and traffic is the key to open it and share those treasures with the world.

When people visit your blog, it’s like having friends over to play. You get to share your ideas, stories, and thoughts with them. You can help them learn new things or make them laugh with your funny stories. But for all this fun to happen, you need to show them the way to your blog.


Here are the ways where you can share your blog posts to get traffic .

Sharing on Social Media

Now, let’s explore the colorful world of social media. Social media is like a huge playground where people hang out, have fun, and share things they like. It’s where you can share your blog posts with lots of friends, both old and new.

Facebook is like your own room at a big party. According to Facebook report they have 2.895 billion traffic on their platform per month now you can guess how much traffic can you generate for your website Create a special place for your blog called a “Facebook Page.” Invite your friends and family to like your page, just like inviting them to your birthday party. When you write a new blog post, you can share it on your page. The more people connect with you the more you will get the traffic.Your friends will see it and might click on it to visit your blog. It’s like putting up a poster about your lemonade stand at the party.

Instagram is like a magical photo album. Share pictures that are related to your blog posts. For example, if your blog is about pets, post cute pictures of animals. But remember, Instagram is like a game where you use hashtags (#) to help people find your pictures. So, use hashtags like #pets, #dogs, or #cats to make your pictures pop up when people search for those topics. They’ll click on your pictures and visit your blog like they’re exploring a magical forest. According to report there are 4.25 billion users per month you can guess the user base for your blog. Make reels related to your niche & make it more engaging.

Twitter is like a playground with lots of chit-chat. Which had 450 million users Monthly . You can write short and exciting messages about your blog posts, and it’s super easy to share links there. You can also participate in group discussions to learn about blogging & after you get followers on twitter traffic will be generated to your website. Just like when you share your favorite toys with friends, you can share your blog posts with the world. Use hashtags like #blogging or #funny to make sure your tweets are seen by many people. When they see your tweets, they might click on the links and visit your blog, just like friends coming over to play.

Pinterest is like a giant bulletin board where you can show off your artwork. In this case, your artwork is your blog posts. Create beautiful pins for your blog posts using eye-catching images and a short description. Imagine each pin is like a colorful invitation card to your blog. Pin them on boards that match your blog’s topic. When people see your pins, they’ll feel like they’ve received a special invitation to explore your world.Pinterest has 950 million traffic monthly and the most exciting thing is most of the users are from foreign countries which results in jump of your cpc of your blog if you have AdSense approval.

By using social media , you have the oppurtunity to grab a huge traffic to your website.

Joining Blogging Communities

Now, let’s talk about joining blogging communities. These are like friendly neighborhoods where bloggers live and work together. Just like how you make friends in your school or neighborhood, you can make friends with other bloggers in these communities.

Reddit is a bit like your school with different classrooms (subreddits) for different subjects. Find a subreddit that matches your blog’s topic. If your blog is about space, find a space-related subreddit. Once you’re there, you can share your blog posts. But remember, every classroom has its rules, so make sure to follow them. If you follow the rules and share your posts, you’ll make new friends who are interested in what you have to say.Reddit has 1.6 billion traffic monthly and they are from different countries as well as different fields like bloggers, Digital Creators etc.

Blogger Facebook Groups are like clubs where bloggers meet to help each other. Join some of these groups; it’s like becoming a member of a club where everyone loves blogging. You can learn from other bloggers, ask questions, and even share your blog posts for feedback. Just like how you enjoy playing games with your friends, bloggers in these groups enjoy talking about blogging and helping each other succeed.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a bit like going over to your friend’s house to tell them a story. Here’s how it works in the blogging world:

Imagine there’s another blog out there that talks about the same things you love. Maybe they also write about space, or pets, or something else you’re interested in. You can ask them if you can visit their blog and write a special story (or blog post) just for them. In that story, you can introduce yourself and tell their readers about your blog. It’s like you’re visiting a new neighborhood and making friends. Their readers might get curious and visit your blog too.

Visit here to know the list of websites that allow guest posts.

By guest blogging, you’re making new friends in the blogging world and showing your stories to people who might not have known about your blog otherwise.

Comment on Other Blogs

Have you ever raised your hand in class to answer a question? When you do that, your teacher and classmates notice you. Commenting on other people’s blogs is a bit like that – it’s your way of saying, “Hey, I’m here!”

Visit Other Blogs: Just like you visit your friend’s house to play, visit other blogs that are similar to yours. If you love writing about animals, visit blogs about animals.

Want to get list of website that allows comments : Get here

Leave Comments: When you read their posts, leave a friendly comment. It’s like telling your friends you liked their drawing. When people see your comment, they might click on your name and visit your blog. It’s like your friend asking you to come over and play after school.

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to make friends in the blogging world and invite people to come and read your blog.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a bit like sending letters to your friends and telling them about your fun adventures. In the blogging world, you can use email to keep in touch with your readers and let them know when you’ve written something new.

Collect Emails: Imagine you have a special notebook where you write down the names and addresses of your friends who want to hear from you. On your blog, you can ask people if they want to be your friends and receive emails from you about your new blog posts. When they say yes and give you their email address, it’s like adding their names to your special notebook.

Send Emails: When you write a new blog post, you can send an email to your friends (subscribers) and tell them about it. It’s like sending a letter to your friends and saying, “Hey, I just did something cool, come check it out!” Your friends will open their emails and click on the link to your blog post. It’s like them coming over to your house to hear your exciting stories.

By using email marketing, you’re keeping your friends updated about your adventures (blog posts) and making sure they don’t miss out on the fun.


These are all the exciting ways to share your blog posts and invite people to read what you write. Just like inviting friends to your lemonade stand or playing with them. It’s most toughest phase that every new blogger has to face , most of the bloggers fail or quit due to lack of traffic as well as earning. I hope you got all these things thank you for reading.

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