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Best way to get AdSense approval on video downloader website
August 28, 2023

Best way to get AdSense approval on video downloader website

Hi today we will reveal the secrets to get AdSense approval on your video downloader website and at last I will also provide you the proof of video downloader website having AdSense. So keep reading and also share it with your friends.

Fist Doubt that arises in every bloggers mind is why should I choose AdSense for monetization  ?

Well it’s a good question why we should choose AdSense for monetization, the answer is simple there are many factors because of which people trust more on google AdSense as compare to other ad networks .
People prefer Google AdSense for website monetization due to its user-friendliness, reputation, wide advertiser base, automated ad matching, diverse ad formats, responsive design, optimize d delivery, detailed insights, global availability, reliable payments, integration with Google services, and effective ad-blocker mitigation. However, the choice depends on individual needs and audience demographics.

On which type of websites Google AdSense is rejected.

Google AdSense has certain guidelines and policies that websites must follow in order to be eligible for participation in program . Here are some common reasons why Google AdSense   rejects your website :

1. Insufficient Content: Websites with very little content, or those with content that is regarded low-quality or unoriginal, might be rejected by AdSense.

2. Violations of Content Policies: Websites that contain content that violates Google’s content policies, such as adult content, violence, hate speech, copyrighted material, and illegal activities, are rejected.

3. Poor Website Design: Websites with a poor user experience, large loading time, confusing navigation, broken links , or improper website design websites are rejected by Google AdSense.

4. Misleading or Deceptive Content :  Sites that use misleading tactics to attract users, such as fake news or deceptive advertisements, Creating fake or false documents such as passports, diplomas, or accreditation; sale or distribution of term papers, paper-writing or exam-taking services; information or products for passing drug tests are not accepted by AdSense.

5. Unacceptable Site Content : AdSense is not allowed on websites that promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, gambling, or any other content that is considered to be inappropriate or harmful for its users or promotes any form of hacking or cracking and/or provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or provides unauthorized access to software, servers, or websites.

6. Incomplete or Inaccurate Information :  If the information provided during the AdSense application process is incomplete or inaccurate, the application is be rejected.

7. Non-Compliant Traffic Generation : Websites that artificially generate traffic or use strategy to manipulate clicks and impressions are not allowed in the AdSense program.

8. Thin Affiliate or Bridge Pages :  Websites that primarily consist of affiliate links or pages designed solely to drive traffic to other sites, instead of providing a better content to users are rejected by AdSense.

9. Content Farms or Scraped Content :  Websites that primarily contain scraped or copied content from other sources without adding substantial value instead of posting their original content are rejected .

10. Unacceptable Site Structure :  Websites with little organization, poor formatting, excessive ads, or intrusive pop-ups are rejected.

11. Conten Lack of Original Content : Websites that primarily republish content from other sources or websites without adding significant original content are rejected by AdSense.

12. Inadequate Privacy Policy :  Websites lacking a clear and comprehensive privacy policy are rejected by AdSense.

Now moving to our main topic that is how to get AdSense approval on video downloader website.

Why Google mainly rejects video downloader websites.

The answer provided by AdSense customer support was simple according to them  AdSense doesn’t accepts more website of same function ( like fb video downloader website or YouTube downloader, any other video downloader ) it is against their T&C.
If you apply directly for AdSense with only video downloader website with proper Customizations & Layout sorry to say it will be rejected by AdSense within 24 hours.

Here are the steps to get AdSense approval on video downloader website.

Step 1 :

Customize your website differently or uniquely & add easy navigations.

Step 2 :

Add important pages ( like Privacy & policy, Terms & conditions, Disclaimer, about us, Contact us ) in the footer section. [  make sure you write these pages themselves so that you can add proper things about your website  ]  .

Step 3 :

Add blog section on your website and write at least 30 blog posts on your website & make sure you write it yourself instead of copying it from AI like chat GPT. It will be more better if your blog ranks on top lists of Google and try to rank your blog posts on low Keyword Difficulty & low volume like 300 to 400 searches   so that it could be more easy for your website to rank on top .

Step 4 :

Add backlinks to your downloader website from your blog posts, Quora , and from other sources but make sure those backlinks are not stuffed or meaning less.

Step 5 :

Apply your website after 1 month & make sure your website is getting initial organic  traffic.

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Now if we come to our AdSense approval proof on video downloader it is here
In starting when this user applied his video downloader website for AdSense approval the AdSense rejected his website telling him that your website have no unique content & promotes the downloads that is against our T&C.
After some time User added  the blog section on his downloader website & wrote 30 to 35 blog posts on his website and reapplied. After some time his website was approved here is the screen shot.

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